Pets as Roommates



The human-animal bond is so important to well-being, especially in times of distress. For victims of domestic violence, their pet may be their only source of comfort and support.

Since 2012, Rose Brooks Center has had an on-site pet shelter and fully staffed pet program, allowing families to bring their pets to shelter with them. With the recent renovation of creating fully private spaces however, survivors now have the option to keep their beloved pets in their rooms — allowing them to live and heal together in the same secure space.

Families with pets call Rose Brooks Center from all over the Midwest and beyond seeking shelter because of the profound scarcity of shelters and transitional housing programs that will serve companion animals. We not only are pleased we are able to offer this additional care and resource, we know the impact it creates for those we serve.

The ability to offer this living arrangement has completely changed the way our families and pets heal, and has reduced conflict and trauma, while increasing healing through the animal-human bond. An additional outcome of this renovation has included an increased number of shelter beds and number of companion animals sheltered. Now victims of domestic violence who need shelter or housing for themselves AND their companion animals — can stay in emergency shelter together.


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