Left in the Dark



Most of us can relate to that very particular feeling of dread when the power goes out. You instinctively reach for candles, or comfort your children as you prepare for your new reality. Now, imagine you are not in your familiar home, but in a shelter because you recently escaped a violent relationship. Although it may be difficult to imagine, that is what happened to the families living at Rose Brooks Center during the wide-spread power outage in January of this year.

“The same concerns a hospital may have, are the same concerns Rose Brooks would have,” explained Medical Advisory Board Member, Lou Loescher-Junge. “You both are responsible for the lives of those living with heightened emotional, medical, and safety needs because of recent trauma.”

Because of this experience, Rose Brooks is looking at the feasibility of generators capable of allowing us to provide critical care in spite of an extended power outage. This care will not only include the basics of climate control, but the very crucial need of safety for residents and those trying to reach us for support.

As you might expect, these types of generators, along with operating and maintenance are very expensive, but we are committed to doing what we have been doing for over 40 years – meeting the needs of those escaping unspeakable violence in order for them to heal, move forward, and live a life free of violence. Stay tuned as we continue our research!

Program Update: Pictured above is the NEW emergency power generator that was installed in August of 2020! The generator sits on a diesel fuel tank that allows the generator to run for 48 hours after losing power and will run the entire main building. It only takes approximately 10 second after the power goes off for the generator to start up and turn the lights back on.

For an agency providing safety and support to people experiencing high degrees of danger and trauma, it is a critical solution allowing residents to feel safe and secure.

We thank both The Goppert Foundation and The Sunderland Foundation for their generous gift ensuring 24/7/365 power for the residents and staff of Rose Brooks Center.

To learn more about our emergency shelter program visit: www.rosebrooks.org/services/emergency-safety-and-support/

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