Impact Report 2023



Impact Report

Here you will find Rose Brooks Center’s 2023 Impact Report from January 1 – December 31, 2023. Representing far more than service numbers, they are individual lives impacted by the steadfast support and kindness of our donors, volunteers and friends.

“The people at Rose Brooks are superheroes. I mean, I would not be here if it wasn’t for them. They saved my life. They saved my kids’ lives. They gave them back their childhood.” – Former resident

Emergency Shelter & Housing

48,628 nights of safety were provided to 614 adults and children through emergency shelter and housing. Safe shelter and housing allows the mind and body to heal, as each member of the family receives respectful, individualized care and support.

Pet Services

We are so grateful that families living in shelter have the choice to keep their pets with them in their private rooms, where pets have the space to heal alongside their loving owners. We also have an on-site pet shelter for dogs, cats, and other family pets as needed. In total, 2,250 nights of safety were provided to 96 pets.


Last year marked the highest recorded number for hotline calls. In total, 11,988 calls were made to Rose Brooks Center’s hotline to speak to a trained advocate. For victims in danger, it provides support, information, safety planning, resources, and a reminder that Rose Brooks is here.

Police Advocacy

2,748 calls to Rose Brooks Center were made by police while on the scene with victims identified as high lethality. The LAP is designed to encourage victims to utilize the community’s domestic violence services, thereby reducing risk of re-assault or being killed by their partner.

Clinical Services

The Clinical Program offers individual therapy and group support services, helping empower adult and child survivors to reclaim their lives through the complex healing process. In 2023, 376 adults and children began their healing journey on their way to a safe and healthy future.

The Bridge Program

711 patients experiencing domestic violence met with a hospital advocate through Rose Brooks Center’s Bridge Program™ in 2023. Serving 5 local health systems, this hospital-based program provides confidential care, including shelter resources, orders of protection, safety planning, and other life-saving services.

Court Advocacy

Court advocates assisted 1,027 survivors, helping them navigate the legal systems while providing advocacy and ongoing support. For more than 20 years, Rose Brooks Center has been a significant and respected part of the Jackson County court and legal systems, standing alongside survivors when they needed us most.

Project SAFE®

Rose Brooks Center’s Project SAFE and SAFE Futures programs are school-based violence prevention and resiliency programs within Jackson County, working with Pre-K through senior high school students by providing group support and education. For the 2022-2023 school year, 1,875 students participated and were provided with 2,680 hours of service.

Economic and Employment Advocacy

822 collective economic empowerment and employment advocacy sessions were provided to adults, helping address the financial barriers that keep survivors in dangerous relationships. The added support of employment advocacy helps survivors create independence by improving employment readiness.

On-Site Health Clinic

When families come to Rose Brooks Center, they are wrapped in services, including addressing their healthcare needs. Last year, families received health-related services, including health assessments, health advocacy, clinic care, dental care, and more. In total, 146 adults and children received 466 individual health services.


Dear Friends,

Rose Brooks is committed to making an impact in our community by creating a place of healing and hope. Our mission to break the cycle of domestic violence remains unchanged as our focus. Together we are empowering our clients to create a better future for themselves and their families.

Our talented caring, professional staff provides life-changing services every day of the year. It has been a privilege for me to serve on the Board for the past 12 years and to see the respect and care our staff provides to our clients. I have been impressed by the personalized services provided based on the needs of the individual client. It begins with listening and caring about the dignity and needs of each individual and their family. That level of caring creates trust; and trust unlocks collaboration, hope, safety and then empowerment.

Once again this year we are tremendously blessed and thankful for all the community support we receive. We could not do what we do without the help from our volunteers, our community partnerships and from all the donations received from so many that support our mission. The leadership team at Rose Brooks, including our Board of Directors, is committed to continuing to provide the broad range of services necessary to help those in need. A part of this commitment is our fiscal excellence, as evidenced by our 4-star rating on Charity Navigator and our Platinum-level designation on GuideStar.

Thank you again for helping the Rose Brooks Center team do what they do so well. I’ll end with this quote that frames our appreciation for your support. “Alone, we can do little, together, we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

Diana Keating, Board President (Fiscal Year Ending 2023)

Rose Brooks Is Here

Rose Brooks Center

Rose Brooks Center is about saving lives. Read letters from the CEO, stories about featured programs, and more here.

Bridge Program

Serving patients experiencing domestic violence in the safety of local hospitals and clinics.

Children's Programs

Offering a wide variety of services to support the emotional and physical well-being of children who are healing from domestic violence.

Community Training

Since 2001, Rose Brooks Center has been providing quality domestic violence education to the Kansas City community and beyond.

Court Advocacy

Advocating for and guiding survivors through complex court systems.

Economic Empowerment

Helping survivors repair the effects of economic abuse through credit repair, budgeting, and education.

Emergency Shelter

Providing a safe sanctuary where individuals, families, and pets are welcomed, wrapped in support, and can begin to heal.

Employment Advocacy

Employment Advocacy includes developing job interview skills, job search, and ongoing support to survivors in maintaining employment.


Providing confidential support, information, individual safety planning, resources, and more. The 24-hour Hotline is 816-861-6100.


Helping survivors find safe, affordable housing and gain economic stability within a safe home, free from violence.

Onsite Clinic

On-site medical and healthcare services within the safety of emergency shelter.

Pet Shelter

An on-site state-of-the art pet shelter for dogs, cats, and other family pets.

Police Advocacy

Providing advocacy services for victims of domestic violence and education for officers to improve victims safety.

Project SAFE

A school-based violence prevention program working to end the cycle of domestic violence by providing support to youth dealing with violence at home or communities.


Stories about our incredible volunteers and the work they do to support our mission.