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In 2023, Rose Brooks Center’s Bridge Program™ celebrated 25 years of service. This hospital-based program is credited with initiating the following routine question hospitals continue to ask patients to this very day: “Do you feel safe at home?”

Twenty-five years later, this groundbreaking initiative has saved countless lives and is just one way community members learn about our services. In fact, we recently heard from a survivor who is now in safe housing through our Housing Program. When she was asked how she first heard about Rose Brooks Center, she responded:

“I heard about Rose Brooks years ago. I remember going to the hospital, and them saying, ‘Are you safe at home?’ And I thought, well, that’s a strange question to ask. And I asked the lady, I said, ‘Why would you ask that?’ And she explained that because if you weren’t, if your answer was no to that question, then there would be a counselor that would come in and speak to you here. That there were services that would help you, and that place was Rose Brooks. So in the back of my mind, I always thought, if I’m ever in trouble, or if the answer to that question is ever no, then I can always reach out to Rose Brooks. I had no idea that one day, years later, I would need to call them for help.”

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The Rose Brooks Center Bridge Program™ is a free and confidential service for men and women experiencing intimate partner violence. These services are available in hospitals and clinics throughout the Kansas City Metro.
Advocates provide compassionate and confidential support, including shelter resources, orders of protection, legal referrals, emotional support, and safety planning. To read more about our Bridge Program and services, visit:

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Rose Brooks Center is about saving lives. Read letters from the CEO, stories about featured programs, and more here.

Bridge Program

Serving patients experiencing domestic violence in the safety of local hospitals and clinics.

Children's Programs

Offering a wide variety of services to support the emotional and physical well-being of children who are healing from domestic violence.

Community Training

Since 2001, Rose Brooks Center has been providing quality domestic violence education to the Kansas City community and beyond.

Court Advocacy

Advocating for and guiding survivors through complex court systems.

Economic Empowerment

Helping survivors repair the effects of economic abuse through credit repair, budgeting, and education.

Emergency Shelter

Providing a safe sanctuary where individuals, families, and pets are welcomed, wrapped in support, and can begin to heal.

Employment Advocacy

Employment Advocacy includes developing job interview skills, job search, and ongoing support to survivors in maintaining employment.


Providing confidential support, information, individual safety planning, resources, and more. The 24-hour Hotline is 816-861-6100.


Helping survivors find safe, affordable housing and gain economic stability within a safe home, free from violence.

Onsite Clinic

On-site medical and healthcare services within the safety of emergency shelter.

Pet Shelter

An on-site state-of-the art pet shelter for dogs, cats, and other family pets.

Police Advocacy

Providing advocacy services for victims of domestic violence and education for officers to improve victims safety.

Project SAFE

A school-based violence prevention program working to end the cycle of domestic violence by providing support to youth dealing with violence at home or communities.


Stories about our incredible volunteers and the work they do to support our mission.