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When a Stroller is a Life Saver

Last year, Rose Brooks housed hundreds of children in emergency shelter. Of those, 46% were five years old or under.

Kid Zone

Every year, Rose Brooks Center’s Children’s Program provides comfort and safety for those who are the youngest victims of domestic violence.

Summer Fun

Summer at Rose Brooks Center is often filled with fun and laughter, much to the efforts of staff, volunteers, and partners who want to help create memories for the families living at Rose Brooks.

The Children’s Program

One of the very first programs that Rose Brooks Center established since opening its shelter in 1979 was the Children’s Program. Created in 1980, the program sought to help address the incredible emotional needs of those also impacted by domestic violence – the children.

Random Acts of Kindness

At Rose Brooks Center, we like to lead by example. We believe children are like a mirror, they reflect what they see and hear to others. We found that a good way to teach kindness is to not only be kind but use a bit of positive reinforcement. In 2015, Rose Brooks Center created the [...]

Service Categories

Bridge Program

Serving patients experiencing domestic violence in the safety of local hospitals and clinics.

Children's Programs

Offering a wide variety of services to support the emotional and physical well-being of children who are healing from domestic violence.

Community Training

Since 2001, Rose Brooks Center has been providing quality domestic violence education to the Kansas City community and beyond.

Court Advocacy

Advocating for and guiding survivors through complex court systems.

Economic Empowerment

Helping survivors repair the effects of economic abuse through credit repair, budgeting, and education.

Emergency Shelter

Providing a safe sanctuary where individuals, families, and pets are welcomed, wrapped in support, and can begin to heal.

Employment Advocacy

Employment Advocacy includes developing job interview skills, job search, and ongoing support to survivors in maintaining employment.


Providing confidential support, information, individual safety planning, resources, and more. The 24-hour Hotline is 816-861-6100.


Helping survivors find safe, affordable housing and gain economic stability within a safe home, free from violence.

Onsite Clinic

On-site medical and healthcare services within the safety of emergency shelter.

Pet Shelter

An on-site state-of-the art pet shelter for dogs, cats, and other family pets.

Police Advocacy

Providing advocacy services for victims of domestic violence and education for officers to improve victims safety.

Project SAFE

A school-based violence prevention program working to end the cycle of domestic violence by providing support to youth dealing with violence at home or communities.

Rose Brooks Center

Rose Brooks Center is about saving lives. Read letters from the CEO, stories about featured programs, and more here.

Spring 2019

Our Spring 2019 Newsletter features the police advocacy Lethality Assessment Program, Children’s Program, the Medical Advisory Board, and more.

Our Spring 2020 Newsletter features stories on the Economic Empowerment Program, Red Flags of domestic violence, our Life Saver Monthly Giving Program, and more.

Spring 2021

Our Spring 2021 Newsletter features a letter from the CEO and stories about Cooper – Rose Brooks’ new therapy dog, the reality for domestic violence survivors during a pandemic, planned giving, and more.

Spring 2022

The Spring 2022 newsletter features our 2021 Impact Report and Fiscal Year 2021 Annual Report. Additional features include our pediatric clinic, fully private shelter rooms and its impact on reducing trauma, an important message about domestic violence tax credits, and much more.

Spring 2023

The Spring 2023 newsletter features our 2022 Impact Report (January through December) and Fiscal Year Ending 2022 Fiscal Report. Additional features include our nutrition program, equity and inclusion at Rose Brooks, the impact of the 24/7 crisis hotline, and much more.

Spring 2024

Our Spring 2024 Newsletter features the Hospital-Based Bridge Program, the latest Impact and Annual Reports, the Wellness and Resiliency Program, and more.

Summer 2019

Our Summer 2019 Newsletter features stories on the Food Services Program, Court Advocacy, our school-based programming, and more.

Our Summer 2020 Newsletter features stories on the Employment Advocacy Program, our COVID-19 response, the Crisis Hotline, and more.

Summer 2021

Our Summer 2021 Newsletter features a letter from the new CEO and stories about Rose Brooks’ training center, how we address safety needs to help survivors heal, the monthly giving program, and more.

Summer 2022

Our Summer 2022 Newsletter features a letter from the CEO, stories about Rose Brooks Center’s pet shelter, tax credits increasing to 70%, the Housing Program, and more.

Summer 2023

Our Summer 2023 Newsletter features a letter from the CEO, stories about the impact volunteers have on our mission, the monthly giving program, the launch of the Jackson County Domestic Violence Fatality Review, and more.

Therapy Services

Therapy services that help empower adult and child survivors to reclaim their lives through the complex healing process.


Stories about our incredible volunteers and the work they do to support our mission.

Our Winter 2018 Newsletter features the hospital-based Bridge Program, Emergency Shelter, and more.

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Winter 2021

Our Winter 2021 Newsletter features a letter from the CEO, a look at Rose Brooks Center’s new Court and Police Advocacy brochure, The Holiday Store, our 35th Annual CABARET, End-of-Year giving, and more.

Winter 2022

The Winter Newsletter highlights the work of our Blueprint for Safety team, Rose Brooks Center’s school-based violence prevention program Project SAFE®, the incredible impact that Delta Dental of Kansas has had on survivors, and much more.

Winter 2023

The Winter Newsletter will be coming soon! Look back here for more stories on October 23rd.