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Bridge Program

Serving patients experiencing domestic violence in the safety of local hospitals and clinics.

Do You Feel Safe At Home

In 2023, Rose Brooks Center’s Bridge Program™ celebrated 25 years. This hospital-based program is credited with initiating the screening question: “Do you feel safe at home?”

The Bridge Between Hospitals and Hope

Whether patients visit the hospital because of an ER visit or routine appointment, more than likely they will be asked the same question, “Do you feel safe at home?”

A Closer Look

The Bridge Program™ of Rose Brooks Center is a hospital-based program that connects victims of domestic violence to services and support, all in the safety of the hospital setting. Advocates provide 24/7 on-call support to approximately 14 area hospitals and clinics throughout the metro area. As one of our longest-standing community programs, The Bridge Program [...]

Life-Saving Posters

Over a decade ago, Rose Brooks Center's hospital-based Bridge Advocates launched a poster campaign to reach victims of domestic violence in the safety of hospitals throughout the city. Today, the campaign is updated with a very clear message: “We are here. We can help.” Now, in 14 hospitals and clinics around the city, patients, visitors, [...]