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On March 28th, 2024, Rose Brooks Center was named one of Kansas City's Healthiest Employers.
Inside you will find Rose Brooks Center’s 2023 Impact Report, representing far more than numbers, they are individual lives impacted by your steadfast support and kindness.
Our wellness and resiliency program is always evolving based on what staff members indicate will be most effective.
Our mission statement is more than just a set of words; it serves as a guiding force for the work we do at Rose Brooks Center. Ultimately, it answers that one fundamental question: “Why does Rose Brooks Center exist?”
In 2023, Rose Brooks Center’s Bridge Program™ celebrated 25 years. This hospital-based program is credited with initiating the screening question: “Do you feel safe at home?”
Healing from trauma of any kind can be a long, painful, and sometimes confusing experience. When our trauma is due to an abusive relationship, it can feel like we are trying to rediscover ourselves AND find healing at the same time.

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