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What if home isn’t safe? Imagine for a minute, that during this past year your home was a dangerous place. That you and your children were trapped between four walls, 24-hours a day, with the person who emotionally, verbally and physically abused you.

With a New Day

With a new day comes new strength is a personal mantra for many at Rose Brooks Center, and one that encourages us to reflect on our commitments to you, those we serve, and our community.
At Rose Brooks Center, we’ve long understood that comprehensive care also includes the human-animal bond. Which is why in February, Rose Brooks added a four-legged member to the staff, a therapy dog named Cooper.
Today, we stay committed to our work of breaking the cycle of domestic violence so that individuals and families can live free of abuse. 
For the past three years, Rose Brooks Center has led an effort to address domestic violence crime in Kansas City - a first for...
Within hours of opening Rose Brooks Center’s onsite pet shelter in 2012, it was full. We knew then that one day we may have...

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