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Bringing together program and service providers, the Jackson County Domestic Violence Fatality Review (JCDVFR) team is a collective which has been years in the making.
Emergency shelter services for survivors of domestic violence are imperative for protection, providing adults and children with a highly secure temporary home, allowing them to heal.

Volunteer Kindness

Volunteers play a healing role in promoting well-being, and because of that we are very thankful for their volunteer kindness.
For the families we serve, this time of year is full of outdoor fun and back-to-school events, alongside the work we do every day to keep survivors and our communities safe.
Kansas City, Missouri, May 16, 2023 — The Jackson County Domestic Violence Fatality Review (JCDVFR) team has been working towards this review process for many years and hopes it will create a systems and societal change needed to end DV related deaths.
Feedback from the individuals receiving services at Rose Brooks Center is incredibly important to the work we do and the quality of the services we provide.

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